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Klik for stort billede.


Here we are : Boerge and Rie


            We have met each other here at the internet, and at last we became so curious, that we had to see each other. That wasn't so "bad". And when the pot plants and dishes fits together too, we took the great jump, and moved together.
20.01 2001 took we the free fall. We got married !


Klik for stort billede.


But that isn't so bad either, *SS*


Our life went on with job, our yours and our mine children. In the normal day, our PC's take up a lot of time....hmm yes.. when we met each other that way, it means, that we have a rather good network, and that part is Boerge standing for.

Then we have the cats.
We had lost two housecats, and there were something missing in our apartment. No purring and no smoothing around the legs.
One evening, when I was home alone, I was surfing around on the net at the NFC pages. That has happen before, and there was some of my favorite there was checked, then suddenly:



Bang it said !

Fortunately it did that with Boerge too. But she was booked. Lucky for us, that this deal didn't became to a bargain, and we had been out so early, that she became our cat.

Later we got lovely Hoense too !


Both our cats are from  EUROPA

It has been a pleasure to learn to know Vibeke and Kjeld. We are very happy for the cats, and have so much pleasure, both home and at the cat show's.

At the show's we have learned so many sweet people to know. So we can say, that we have got a hobby and an interest, that we can share with each other.


The name ShaggyTail  was chosen between some other names, because it can be said about our cats too, with their big, nice shaggy tails.


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