The Bottom







huset juli 2002


The house have now been on this site for one year. It was time for some change.

If you want to build your own, then there are some tips and tricks down under.
Price: about US $ 100-150 )

We still need to make an ending on the top. That'll be another hammock. That's the most popular part of the tree.

The "dollhouse" stays, where it is!!
( will be used, when we get kittens? )


June 2002
There's cut a hole in the flower stand to make a cave




det hjalp

se det er afslapning

eller en drilsom killing, under mig?


Claws sharpened and left again
(not much help to get to a model photo!)


Chicken on the staircase, Idun?



æ..ska altid vaskes af drysse

room fordeling

begge vil ha køjen


Drysse and Hoense
( They slept also in the house, once)

Soon it became best to sleep alone, each place

And soon, the hammock was
the best place.



The Hurlumhejhouse


We had been at a cat show in Krusaa, and seemed those beautiful cat trees. And we were also looking at the prices, Hmmm. We could easily use one of these at home for Drysse. ( Hoense was at that time under "construction" ).
But we had got some ideas, and then things happens.


Price: about 75 .     Work hours:  hm ?  about 30 of the good ones


OBS. ! !


This belongs to the category : When married people paint/repaper together!!


You'll need:



An outdoor flower stand
We found a good heavy one at Silvan for 50 €.
It makes the foundation, so it has to be heavy. The stability has to be there finally, when the first plateau is placed.
On the picture we've just got over the first construction ban    (and meeting..).

Purchase at Silvan

The trunks is being cut

  Tree trunks.
We hadn't suspect, that it was so easy to get them. But when we were looking around, there was several of our friends, who had some. So it's just to get your eyes and ears open, there is often cut down birch in the gardens, when they grow to high.
We got ours for free, just to remove them.
We took three, we could handle and a big one, which was heavy like h..., But that made, that the cat tree doesn't look like a box. The Cats use the big one as a stair, up and down.
Here's the heavy one being cut. Some of the smaller branch is a good help, when you have to build more, maybe for a
plateau or as a climb plateau.
   En til at holde er ikke værst  Nabohjælp ved rejsegildet 1. etape finished  

Here came our neighbor Arne to help and the first trunk is fixed on the flower stand.

Nearly time for topping-out ceremony.

First step is finished.
The chipboard is consolidated


To get here takes about a couple of hours, if you have the spare parts.



The House

  When I work in the tree industry and paint a little in my spare time, then we had fillets and wood right  at our hand. We could catch it in then company's trash dump.
But else, fillets are cheap in the stores, you can come a long way for about 50 - 75 kr.
Børge made a frame, measured out to expected Norwegian forest cat need ! The hole frame is build in  2x2 cm. pinewood fillets, the covering is made of same, but flat fillets. The roof is a compressed wood plate 2mm, and covered with carpet. The back roof has a hole, so its used very often in the cats play. We had to drill a lot of small holes, so we had something to sew the weaved rope to the roof with.
We bought a  coil of rope and weaved a very long braided rope, sew it together, so it was more broad and at least put on some clamps and sew it to the plate.
I believe, it's here, we/he spend the hours, cuz there went games in it, but use your own imagine. It only depends on making a nice/sleep place, the cat's will like, right?

Both cats relaxed

This is how the house look like Jan 2002

Both our cats in the hammond






So far we have made..



One of the trunks we have made for a scratch tree. we break up our old scratch tree, and used the rope from that. It's used very often, both as a scratch, and also as good climb place, when they have to get up in a hurry !
The flower stand !
Tjaeh, it hasn't any function yet, but Børge has cut out a hole in it. I believe, that he's thinking about kittens in the future.. smile
( July 2002. We do know a size of a grownup NFC!!  Perhaps the tree get a play place again, when we get kittens?
The grownup use it daily, but most the hammock) And we have made a birth case in NFC measurement..!!

The hammock
Highest up we have the hammock. we made a model in paper, and then we had a blacksmith to make the frame in rounded iron + he welded a piece of flatiron on it, so we had something to consolidate the frame with.
I sew the cover and Velcro is used to closing the materiel together.
It's not wild popular, but it's been used. Maybe we haven't made it soft enough ?
I believe, that you can easily make it without the iron frame, just use a piece of clothe, and tie it to the trunks.
We decided, to make another place further up later. Maybe it will be a new plateau with a pavilion or a new hammock..*gg
At least, I believe, that my silk birch is gone. It stands still nice and untouched, but it's only cuz I was there in time to save it. It's the meaning, that we will use it to decorate the trunks and branch's, but we is just waiting, until it's finished..


Drysse in the house

I hide me well



The Top

It was to far up, when she was a small kitten