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Updated  2010-10-21



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(ShaggyTail's Del) Mira


Mira is now in the age of  years and  month(s).


Mira became her nickname.
She shows her character here close at age 10 month
And her lines doesn't denies *sss
The world is hers.

If the best place to sleep is occupied?
There is always place for Mira ..her own opinion !
She still likes cuddling.
A couple of nightly visits under the quilt at my side of the bed it remains too.
Purr and hugs.. lots of it... And again ..
At Mira's way!

14 days old, and already a great personality.




Suddenly I understand.....!!
We felled in love in Hoense once more.
Mira is her mothers mirror image.
Ok a little bigger ears and a longer tail
+ the top is maybe high enough?..
That's a gift we got from dad, Pongo.

When Mira, at time, will be a mother,
we will try to keep her lines type, stay in the maybe little old, but stout and heavy forest cat.
We still want to change a little on the ears, and could we find a prince, which can give some tuffs.. that'll be a pleasure.
How exciting, if it succeed for us.

      photo 2003.11.14                                    

 9 1/2 month  


When I was a little one.... 



New and only 1 hour old.

2 weeks  


Mira in the middle, about 7 - 8 weeks old.



BÝrge has left his sofa nap, the small ones wasn't finished. Mira Zzzz behind to the left.




The pictures shows very clear Mira's way to show herself.




Delmira... a great personality, still in a little kitten body.
There wasn't anything to do... she impressed us from day 2 or 3..
And she still do. We didn't select from the litter, she elected us for lifetime.

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