Totalnumbers from the database, sexual quota


Total numbers of cat's:


Percent females:

  52.81 %

Percent males:

  47.08 %

Overwiev over Novices

  Remember, that de shown numbers is on background of the informations there is in the database for the moment, there's still missing some cat's in the year 1984 to 1992, it can change a little. At the same time there's still missing the parent's to 161 cat's in the database, this can also have some effect on the numbers.
  Total numbers of novices:   678
  Numbers of novices in breed:   273
  Numbers of females in breed:   198
  Numbers of males in breed:   75
  Percent males in breed:   27.47 %
  Effective population:   217.58

The number of population has been reduced, because the died lines ain't calculated into the numbers anymore.